Dolly Parton Banana Cake Mix - 15.25oz

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Bake it with Dolly Parton!

Have a taste of Banana cake, Dolly Parton style! The Dolly Parton Banana Cake Mix is filled with the incredible taste of golden bananas.

This cake mix is made with a southern flair, which means it's big on flavour, very big!
Every bite is moist, tender and will take your tastebuds over the edge!
The box features a rendition of our pal, Dolly, on the front. The best part is it's a fast and easy cake mix. Allowing you to create a mouthwatering banana cake in minutes!
Now, you can impress your friends and family with this banana-flavored cake. They don't ever have to know it came from a box!
Perfect for making cake pops and it can also be used to create cupcakes. Y'all will be impressed with its deep flavor and tender texture.
Eat cake, Dolly Parton style, with the Dolly Parton Banana Cake Mix!