Dip-N-Lik Triple Dip Sour Candy - .85oz

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Get triple the sour candy!

Triple the sour candy fun with the Dip-N-Lik Triple Sour Candy!

Talk about a triple threat; this candy has it all. A dipping lollipop-like stick and three flavours of powdered candy.
Dip and lick your way through the flavors of sour green apple, sour strawberry and sour blue raspberry.
The fruity-tasting candy stick makes the perfect delivery system for that sour candy! This bonus lollipop is, of course, the grand finale of this Dip-N-Lik candy!
This fun and interactive candy is loaded with the thrilling flavors of sour candy. Sure to satisfy any candy connoisseur!
Get into the superb sourness with the Dip-N-Lik Triple Dip Sour Candy!