DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds - 1.75 oz.

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Sun-Kissed Goodness in Every Bite!

Embrace the simple joy of snacking with DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds – the timeless classic that's been delighting taste buds for generations. Nothing compares to cracking open a shell to reveal the heart of a sunflower, toasted to perfection and bursting with nature's goodness.

Each seed is a mini treasure trove, offering a symphony of flavors – from the subtle nuttiness to a hint of salt. Whether you're taking a break from your day or conquering new horizons, these sunflower seeds are your reliable and tasty companions.

Let the sun-kissed flavor dance on your tongue, and experience the wholesome delight of DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds. It's a snack that's all about the simple pleasures of life!

1.75oz (50g) 

Made in the USA