Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks 8pck

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Sip, Squeeze, and Savor the Sour Sensation!

Imagine holding a mini drink container filled with an intense sourness that's both tantalizing and fun. Well, that's what you get with Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks! These tasty drinks are the ultimate sour sensation packed into a tiny little bottle. 

Each mini drink is a burst of bold flavor, delivering an irresistible punch that will make you grin and squirm at the same time. Sip, squeeze, or even share these little bottles of sour goodness with friends for a hilarious taste adventure that's perfect for any occasion.

Challenge your taste buds to the ultimate sour showdown, and let the tangy exhilaration of Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks wash over you!

8 Pck 

2.79oz (79g) 

Made in the USA