Crunch Fun Size Bars - 10 oz

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 A Crunch Bar is crispy!

Crunch your way through the ultimate deliciousness with the Crunch Bars Fun Size!

These fun-sized chocolate bars feature a creamy base of real milk chocolate and bits of puffed rice cereal throughout.
Every bite is an exciting merge of creamy and crunchy, creating an exciting-tasting chocolate bar!
This bag offers 22 snack-size bars, making for the perfect little sweet treat any time of day. Add a few to lunches, indulge after dinner and save a few for the ultimate midnight snack.
These cute Crunch bars also make for some yummy embellishments to desserts. Use on top or around cheesecakes, cupcakes or to crumble on top of ice cream.
That delightful "crunch" has been heard around the world since 1928. The Crunch bar is music to every chocolate lover's tastebuds!
Get in on the action with the Crunch Fun Size Bars!