Cotton Candy - Tequila 60g

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Party with this Cotton Candy!

It's party time with the exciting taste of the Cotton Candy Tequila!

This cotton candy is soft and fluffy and brimming with the tangy taste of Tequila.
Ready to get you and your taste buds in a festive mood!
As you taste this fluffy stuff, you'll feel like you're floating through a cloud. Made with a melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and a long-lasting sweet tequila flavor.
This old-fashioned candy will make any occasion fun! 
A perfect candy to have at parties and celebrations. Sure to entice any candy lovers' tastebuds!
Cotton candy has been softly tickling our hungry lips since 1897. This fluffy sweet dream of candy once went by the name of "Fairy Floss". This makes sense because it was originally brought to us by a dentist!
Famously enjoyed at fun-filled fairs and carnivals, now you can indulge anytime in its one-of-a-kind fluffiness!
Always keep your head in the clouds with the Cotton Candy Tequila!