Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix - 1.75oz

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A Classic Savory Snack! 

For a quick, everyday snack the traditional Chex Mix bag is just the thing for you! The size of the bag isn't too large where you’ll feel guilty for not eating, but it’s just big enough that it’ll satisfy your savory cravings. 

The pretzel mix comes with a variety of chips/crackers/pretzels and you have a choice of traditional, cheddar, bold and more exciting flavors! With less than 60% fat than regular potato chips, there is no doubt that this savory snack is the ultimate savory snack! 

Your taste buds will thank you for blessing them with this healthier snack alternative, without neglecting the remarkable blend of flavors!

If you want a bigger bag, try the Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix - 3.75oz

1.75oz (50g) 

Made in the USA