Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny - 1.6oz

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Easter candy from Bedrock!

Celebrate just like they do in Bedrock with the Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny!

This sweet bunny is a favourite of Fred Flinstone and his bestie Barney. They just can't get enough of that chocolatey goodness! 
This chocolate Easter Bunny is made with the creamy and rich taste of milk chocolate. And added for some extra excitement? Crunchy bits of the world-famous Cocoa Pebbles cereal!
With every bite, you'll feel as if you're strolling through Bedrock. This Cocoa Pebbles-infused treat makes an ideal Easter chocolate.
Fill up your Easter baskets or use them as delicious Easter gifts. Hurry before Fred and the busy Easter Bunny eat them all!
This chocolate Easter bunny will have you howling "yabba dabba doo" with every bite!
Hop to the fun with the Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny!