Classic Cookie - Chocolate Chip with M&M's Candy - 85g

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It's a classic! Chocolate Chip and M&M's Candy!

We know you're a hungry cookie monster. Cure those cookie cravings once and for all with the Classic Cookie - Chocolate Chip and M&M's Candy.
These soft-baked cookies are fully loaded with pure chocolatey bliss. With every bite, you're guaranteed a mouthful of delicious and creamy chocolate chips and the colorful crunch of M&M's Candy.
Grab yourself a cold one, a cold glass of milk that is! And indulge yourself in the wonderment of this delectable cookie.
Enjoy these cookies as they are, or warm them in the microwave for a warm, gooey-tasting cookie.
These are almost better than your grandma's cookies, but don't worry; we'll keep that a secret.
Classic Cookies are made using real butter, offering an authentic taste of the ultimate cookie! Treating us to the most incredible cookies since 1984, nothing beats a true classic!
Keep your hand in the cookie jar forever with the Classic Cookie - Chocolate Chip and M&M's Candies!