Chupa Chups Sparkling Mango Soda - 250mL

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Exotic Drinks from Chupa Chups!

Capture the taste of the famous Chupa Chups Lollipop in the Chupa Chups Sparkling Mango Soda!

In every refreshing sip, you'll experience the exotic taste of fresh mangos. This soda pop has a fantastically fizzy feel and will deliciously quench your thirst!
Imported from China, this Chupa Chups beverage will elevate your taste buds and have you sweetly satisfied!
Since 1958, Chupa Chups has been thrilling us with its famous lollipops. This retro candy has certainly grown, now offering chewy candy, bubble gum, and even room spray!
Make your day magnificent with the Chupa Chups Sparkling Mango Soda!