Chupa Chups Sparkling Grape Soda - 345mL

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Exotic Drinks from Chupa Chups.

You'll be sparkling with the taste of grapes on your lips! 

The Chupa Chups Sparkling Grape Soda is a shining example of the Chupa Chups brand.
Resembling the remarkable Chupa Chups lollipop flavor. This fabulous and fizzy soda pop embodies the incredible taste of sun-kissed grapes.
As you crack open this soda pop, every bubble will burst with its beautiful, sparkling, effervescent lure.
Its luscious grape filled essence is a vibrant taste of sweet rejuvenation and a quenching taste!
This full flavored soda pop delivers not only its incredible grape goodness but provides a refreshing and sparkling sensation!
Indulge your senses with the delicious taste of Chupa Chups Sparkling Grape Soda!