Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream Room Spray - 300mL

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Sweet strawberry scents from Chupa Chups!

Experience a sweet strawberry dream with the Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream Room Spray!

This room spray resembles the unbelievably delicious taste of a Chupa Chups lollipop. Who wouldn't want to be enveloped in the scent of lollipops all day?
This room spray is the perfect gift for any candy lover. A great addition to your home or office and denotes a fresh and sweet aroma of strawberries in the style of Chupa Chups! 
Chupa Chups has been treating us to its true-to-life fruity flavours since 1958. This retro candy is famous worldwide and offers many variations of its deliciousness in hard candy, lollipops, gummy candy, bubble gum, and even lip balm!
Be taken away to a lush strawberry field with the Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream Room Spray.