Chupa Chups Pinkis with Fruit Juice Candy - 90g

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Delicious and chewy candy from Chupa Chups!

You'll be tickled pink with the Chupa Chups Pinkis With Fruit Juice Candy.

Fashioned after the famous Chupa Chups lollipops, these jelly-like candies offer an intense strawberry flavor.
Made with a sink your teeth into, lusciously chewy texture. Every bite is a fresh rendition of the ultimate strawberry flavor.
As you open up this Chupa Chups candy, the fragrant aroma will have you imagining yourself in a lush field of red strawberries. Relaxing under a sunlit sky, the clouds will roll by and swirl that delicious fruity scent in the air.
Every bite offers a sensational soft and chewy texture. They come with a sanded sugar finish adding a little extra crunch to the candy. Made with real fruit juice for adding an incredible depth of flavor.
Chupa Chups has been sweetly spoiling us with its true-to-life incredible candy and lollipops since 1958. Loved and savored for generations. Every taste of Chupa Chups is the ultimate in satisfaction!
Take a journey into the sweet strawberry fields with the Chupa Chups Pinkis With Fruit Juice Candies.