Chupa Chups Watermelon Mix Lip Balm - 0.14oz.

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Fresh-tasting lip balm from Chupa Chuups!

Make sure your lips are fresh and plump looking with the Chupa Chups Watermelon Mix Lip Balm!
This lip balm is filled with a watermelon scent. You'll definitely be craving a watermelon lollipop after you apply this lip balm!
Remember, you always want your lips to look extra luscious and kissable, especially when you're going to indulge in some candy!
This Chupa Chups lip balm is a great treatment for dry or chapped lips and can even be used before you apply your everyday lipstick. 
Chupa Chups have been deliciously thrilling us with their remarkable-tasting lollipops and candy since 1958. This retro candy offers a whirlwind of innovative and incredible flavors!
Be extra sweet and kissable with the Chupa Chups Watermelon Mix Lip Balm!