Chunky - 1.4oz

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We Like Our Chocolate Extra Chunky! 

This retro candy bar was first introduced to the public in the 1930s. With all these decades under its belt, it's no wonder it's considered a classic today! Chunky chocolate has an undeniable crunch with its thick milk chocolate, peanuts and raisins scattered throughout the bar. Indulge in the rich, smooth chocolatey flavor that melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with the chewy texture of the raisins and the crunchy bite of the peanuts.

The Chunky candy bar is the perfect snack to grab when you’re feeling hungry but don't want to get too full before a meal. The additional peanut and raisins give you a great energy boost without overwhelming you with flavor, or weigh your energy down. We suggest you share this with friends and fam so you guys can geek out about how amazing this chocolate bar is. 

If it’s your first time trying this candy, let us know your thoughts on it! 

1.4oz (40g) 

Made in the USA