Chubby Cream Scream Soda - 250mL

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A refreshing soda pop!

If you're thirsty, we bet you're screaming for this soda pop!

The Chubby Cream Scream Soda is a refreshing taste of the Caribbean. Its revitalizing flavor is an exciting taste of cream soda.
This cute-looking Chubby soda pop will sweetly suffice. Made with real cane sugar for an authentic taste!
As you take your first sip, those tangy, vanilla-infused flavors of cream soda will come alive! 
Offering you some delicious redemption for that thirst. Made with a smooth and satisfying taste, before you know it, this soda pop is sadly gone! 
Scream for that sweet satisfaction with the Chubby Cream Scream Soda!