Coal Mine Gum - 56g

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Bubble gum for the naughty!

Oops, are you on that naughty list? No worries, you just might acquire the Coal Mine Gum this Christmas!

This is better than a lump of coal! This retro bubble gum is bursting with fresh and fruity flavors, dispersing its juicy texture with each and every chew!
This bubblegum comes in a festive-looking red bag and is perfect for the naughtiest among us. 
Featuring black little nuggets of chewing gum and ready for some Christmas fun!
Use it as stocking stuffers, gift giving, or just to relive your misspent youth chewing wads of bubblegum!
This is the very bubble gum that Santa Claus gives all of the naughty Elves that aren't quite meeting his toy-making quota.
Celebrate Christmas, even if you've been naughty, with the Coal Mine Gum!