Choward's Guava Tropical Candy

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Try the Tasty Tropical Guava Candy

Take a tropical vacation without leaving your home with Chowards Guava Tropical Candy! These flavor packed powdered candy take your taste buds to a tropical journey that will have you wishing you were bathing under the sun in an all-inclusive resort. The overwhelming flavor of guava — made with real guava juice — is sure to enlighten your senses and will have you excited for every remaining bite of the tropical candy. 

It's never too early or too late in the day to indulge in Chowards refreshingly smooth tasting candy. The tropical candy’s light pink hue is paired sweetly with the retro packaging's vibrant colors. Don’t be shy, grab a couple packs of Chowards Guava Tropical Candy to keep you feeling sweet and fresh all day long! 

Made in the USA