Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix - 3.75oz

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Mix it Up with this Savory Pretzel Mix!

There's no shame in taking breaks from the sweets every-so-often, that's when you reach for a savory snack like Chex Mix. With the perfect blend of savory goodness and tantalizing crunch that will keep your taste buds begging for more. Every Chex Mix bag comes with a variety of chips/crackers/pretzels and you have a choice of traditional, cheddar, bold and more exciting flavors! With less than 60% fat than regular potato chips, Chex Mix is the best option to satisfy your salty cravings.

Whether you're munching away at your desk or snacking on the go, Chex Mix chips are the perfect snack to keep you satisfied and fueled up. The bigger bags of Chex Mix are a great size for hosting parties, sleepovers or long study sessions. Your friends are going to love you for choosing a healthier snack that doesn't lack in quality of taste! 

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3.75oz (106g) 

Made in the USA