Chex Mix Bar - Cookies and Cream King Size - 2.2oz

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Something crunchy from Chex Mix!

You might be in the swing of things, but are you into the crunch? The Chex Mix  Bar Cookies And Cream combines delicious and crunchy!

Starring the wholesome taste of Chex Mix pieces, crunchy pretzel bits, and irresistible cookie crumbles. With each taste, you'll get a mouthful of tremendous textures and a sweet and flavorful rendition of Chex. An ideal snack for any lover of cookies and cream.
This treat bar makes an excellent snack for any time of day. Running out the door, grab a Chex bar and keep your appetite in check. Perfect for a fast and convenient snack when you're busy and on the go!
Get into the crunch with the Chex Mix Bar - Cookies and Cream King Size!