Chex Mix Bold Party Blend - 3.75oz

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Bolder & Better Chex Mix Blend

As if Chex Mix didn’t already give you a delicious blend of savory flavors, they have now added the bold party blend to their repertoire! The Chex Mix Bold Party Blend contains the original flavors of Chex Mix with the additional flavors of garlic, onions & Worcester for a wonderland of savory blends. The incredible flavors settle every intense craving with the first bite of the salty mix. 

The Chex Mix bags come with an assortment of savory chex pieces, mini breadsticks, pretzels, crackers & rye chips. Perfect for road trips, picnics or general hangouts, Chex Mix is a great way to get the party started!! We can't get enough of these little salty crackers, so we know once you pick up a bag, it’ll be hard to put it down. Open, grab & enjoy! 

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3.75oz (106g) 

Made in the USA