Cherry Blossom Chocolate - 45g

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A Canadian Chocolate Tradition. 

Would you believe us if we told you this unbelievably gooey delicious treat was made in the 1890s?? Cherry Blossom Chocolate is a classic Canadian chocolate filled with a cherry flavored syrup that oozes out with the first bite, so make sure you have a napkin nearby! The cherry filling is also made up of coconut flakes and bits of roasted peanuts, ensuring you experience the ultimate flavor kick! We really cannot stress enough how flavored packed these little delectable creamy chocolates can be. As satisfying as each bite may be, you might need to take a break between each piece of candy to really appreciate each flavor present in the cherry chocolate.

It’s no wonder this candy has been so popular for more than a century!  

This is the perfect treat to give your parents or grandparents for any special occasion, or you can just kick back and enjoy the cherry candy’s sweet and tangy flavors yourself! We totally get it if you’re not really down to share, we don’t blame you!

1.6oz (45g)