Charleston Chew - Strawberry Candy Bar - 2oz.

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A Sweet Twist on The Classic Charleston Chew

Established in the 1920s, this rich chocolate bar is named after the popular dance from the decade, The Charleston! The Charleston Chew may be a classic candy bar, but there is nothing old or boring about this intense flavor blend! Every Charleston Chew strawberry chocolate bar has a generous amount of strawberry nougat filling, and is coated in a delectable milk chocolate that has had over 9 decades to be perfected, and let us tell you, it's perfection!!! 

If you enjoy a chewy strawberry flavored chocolate bar, then this is exactly what you need to try next! If you like a little bit of crunch to your candy bars, we suggest leaving these tasty chocolate bars in the freezer for an hour and enjoy them frozen. This gives your chocolate coating and nougat filling a refreshing bite! Try it out and let us know what you think!! 

If you like a traditional old-school chocolate bar, we suggest you try the Charleston Chew - Chocolate Candy Bar - 2oz.

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2oz (57g)

Made in the USA