Charleston Chew - Chocolate Candy Bar - 2oz.

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Getting Jiggy to a Classic Chocolate Bar

Established in the 1920s, this rich chocolate bar is named after the popular dance from the decade, The Charleston! This old-school chocolate bar is nothing short of boring or old timey! The Charleston Chew Chocolate Bar is filled with a luscious chocolate nougat, and coated in a rich milk chocolate. The Charleston Chew candy is regarded as a classic chocolate bar that is still a favorite among chocolate lovers! 

The chewy chocolate bar is perfect for a delectable snack should you need a quick pick-me-up. It's also great to throw in your backpack for a snack between classes or at work. If you’re feeling patient we also suggest leaving the Charleston candy bar in the freezer for an hour and enjoy it frozen! The cold candy bar will give it a refreshing crunch, and the cold texture will satisfyingly melt in your mouth with every bite. Who could resist that?!  

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2oz (57g) 

Made in the USA