CCC Fruit Slices - 5.5lbs.

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This bulk candy is bursting with fruity flavors!

Get in your daily serving of fruit with the CCC Fruit Slices! This Canadian Candy is bursting with the vibrant flavors of an assortment of fruit-flavored candy.

As you open up these cute-looking Fruit Slices, the fragrant aroma will have you anticipating that first bite. 
This bulk candy is soft and chewy and comes with a sanded sugar finish, adding to the texture and taste.
Discover an array of fruity flavors, from tangy lemon to succulent berries. Every chewy candy is bright and colorful and will certainly add some sweetness to your day.
This bulk candy is ideal for sharing. Treat your family and friends to its fantastic fruitiness. Use them at your next party. Add them to your dessert table or include them in a candy buffet.
Get creative! This candy can also be used as edible embellishments on top of cakes, cupcakes and more.
Certified Halal and Kosher, making it suitable for everyone!
Embrace your fruitiness with the CCC Fruit Slices Bulk Candy!
5.5 lbs.