Flip and Dip Gumy Sticks & Sour Dip Candy - 3.4oz

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Dip the gummy candy!

You really can have it all with the Flip and Dip Gummy Sticks & Sour Dip Candy!

This dually delicious candy offers a fruity taste of chewy gummy candy along with a sour candy-tasting dip!
It's easy to taste this double whammy of candy! Just flip open the container and uncover the gummy candy sticks and some gooey sour candy. Now, take those gummies and dip them into that sour dip. 
It's fun and made with big taste and textures! A cool candy for any candy lover to experience!
Flip your lid with the incredible taste of the Flip and Dip Gummy Sticks & Sour Dip Candy.