Canada Dry Peach Ginger Ale - 591mL

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Exotic Drinks from Canada Dry!

Have an extraordinary taste of luscious peaches with the Canada Dry Peach Ginger Ale.

Unleash your tastebuds as you crack open this fizzy Ginger Ale. The notes of a tangy and fuzzy fresh peach will come alive with every sip. 
Every bubble will burst in your mouth, offering a vibrantly fresh taste of succulent peaches. Quenching you with each taste, this peachy escapade is nothing short of sweetly satisfying as the juicy flavours of sweet and tangy come together for the ultimate taste of rejuvenation.
We've been sipping on the goodness of Canada Dry Ginger Ale since 1904. It's a classic choice made with an incredible depth of warm flavours.
Conquer your thirst with the vibrant taste of the Canada Dry Peach Ginger Ale!