Canada Dry Black Cherry Ginger Ale Soda - 591mL

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Exotic Drinks from Canada Dry

Treat your taste buds to the sublime taste of Canada Dry Black Cherry Ginger Ale.

This Canadian soda pop is a classic taste of golden-hued Ginger Ale!
As you crack open this soda pop, your thirst will quickly become a distant memory. The first sip is incredible. Boasting a rendezvous between the warm and zesty taste of ginger and the succulent taste of black cherries.
Its crisp and refreshing flavour is filled with refreshing satisfaction!
Canada Dry Ginger Ale has been deliciously quenching us since 1904. Famous for its infusion of warm and fiery-tasting ginger against those fantastic fizzy bubbles.
Experience a sparkling sensation with the extraordinary taste of the Canada Dry Black Cherry Ginger Ale Soda Pop!