Cadbury Wispa UK - 36g

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Let the Cadbury Wispa Flavors Whisk You Away

The Cadbury Wispa Chocolate is properly delicious and made up of luscious milk chocolate. Cadbury Wispa is velvety smooth with its rich milk chocolate, and the fun bubbles throughout the bar. This UK candy entices the taste buds of any candy lover with its creamy texture and sweet chocolatey goodness! 

The thick chocolate bar is just the right amount of chocolate, but also happens to be perfectly light enough that you won’t get sick of it! Wispa chocolate is the ultimate treat to uplift your mood and make your day a little sweeter! We know this candy bar will be hard to put down after the first bite, so please eat with discretion! 

  • Suitable for vegetarians

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1.3oz (36g) 

Made in the UK