Cadbury Twirl Orange (UK) - 43g

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This Chocolate Bar is from the UK!

Experience the tangy taste of orange like never before with the Cadbury Twirl Orange Bar!

This British chocolate is filled with delicate, melt-in-your-mouth textures and an unsurpassed orange and chocolate pairing.
Upon opening up this chocolate bar, you'll discover it has not only one but two fingers worth of Cadbury chocolate.
The scent of that zesty orange fills the air with a tangy and sweet scent. As you take your first bite, those notes of orange melt so beautifully into the delicate and rich-tasting milk chocolate. Making each and every bite a delectable bite to savor!
Cadbury has been spoiling us with its decadent chocolate since 1900, making our chocolate bar dreams come true in a variety of irresistible and rich flavors.
Make the day worth savoring, with the Cadbury Twirl Orange Bar!