Cadbury Twirl Mint (Aus) - 39g

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Cadbury Chocolate from Australia!

Twirl your taste buds into a tantalizing taste with the Cadbury Twirl Mint! This Australian chocolate boasts two fingers of creamy milk chocolate infused with a hint of mint.

You'd be mistaken if you think you'll just eat half of this chocolate bar. As you open up this Cadbury bar, the aromatic scent of that refreshing mint against the rich milk chocolate will have your mouth watering in sweet anticipation.
One bite and those delicate flakes of fine chocolate will delicately melt in your mouth. Exposing an enticing blend of milk chocolate and mint that is simply irresistible. That first bite quickly becomes the last, and you realize this is why they provide you with two pieces!
Cadbury has been curing what ails us since 1900. Creating the most delectable chocolate bars of our dreams with rich flavors that simply defy logic.
Experience that famous twirl with the Cadbury Twirl Mint!