Cadbury Twirl UK - 43g

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Cadbury Twirl is Flaky & Full of Flavor! 

The Twirl chocolate bar is not the average chocolate bar. It comes in a pack of two and bite one will have your taste buds hooked!! The Cadbury Twirl has been around since the 1970s but didn’t become the duo candy bar we know today until 1984. This unique chocolate bar is a flaky based candy bar, coated in a rich Cadbury milk chocolate – there's only one other dairy chocolate bar that is flaky on the market. 

Whether you want to share one of the two flaky chocolate bars, or keep them for yourself, Cadbury knew their chocolate lovers would appreciate the double taste of the Twirl chocolate! 

Indulge in one of the most delicious chocolatey exports from across the pond!

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1.5oz (43g)

Made in the UK