Cadbury Timeout Wafer Bar (UK) - 20.2g

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The Thickest Chocolate Bar Filled with Goodness

Make yo’ taste buds proud. 

Caution: for sweet-tooth lovers only. 

The Cadbury Timeout Wafer Bar is a work of art– each layer compliments the other and melts in your mouth, delivering a creamy explosion of flavor with every bite. 

Our Cadbury Timeout chocolate bar takes everything you love about a classic wafer bar - the light and crispy wafer, the smooth and creamy chocolate coating - and adds in the cocoa nutty goodness. 

Cadbury Timeout is the perfect snack for when life gets nutty. And let's be honest; when you're feeling overwhelmed, a Timeout is just what’s needed. 

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21.2g (0.7 oz)

Product of Britain