Cadbury Starbar UK - 49g

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Shine Bright with Cadbury Starbar!

Who doesn't want a taste of star power?? The Starbar is the ultimate treat for your yearning taste buds! This super rich UK chocolate bar is delicately made up of a creamy peanut butter filling and roasted nuts scattered all throughout. The Cadbury chocolate also consists of a layer of luscious caramel spread, all contained by a milk chocolate casing. We know, we’re drooling too!!! 

This retro UK candy bar will transport you to 1976 with its impactful flavors and sweet aroma. We would advise you to share with your friends but there really is no part of this candy bar we could imagine giving up. However, if you do choose to share, you’ll definitely be a STAR among the rest!!  

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1.7oz (49g)

Made in the UK