Cadbury Picnic UK - 48g

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As Sweet as a Picnic in the Park 

Brace yourself to over indulge in the Cadbury Picnic Chocolate bar! Packed with sweet flavors and exciting textures, this chocolate bar from across the pond is a delight to the senses! The Picnic chocolate bar is rich in flavors from the chewy nougat, savory peanuts, sweet caramel, puffed rice pieces, and raisins all surrounding the crisp wafer biscuit, encased in a rich Cadbury milk chocolate coating!! Wow! That was a mouthful! (pun intended) 

We cannot stress how satisfying this Cadbury chocolate bar is — the Brits really know what they’re doing! This might be a candy bar that you fight over with your siblings, but we suggest hiding it away in your candy stash so you can prevent an epic blow out. 

  • Vegetarian friendly 

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Made in the UK