Cadbury Fudge Bar (UK) - 22g

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Feast on the Delectable Fudge Bar

We adore UK candy because the folks across the pond really know what they’re doing when it comes to the confectionary industry. The Cadbury Fudge Bar is just another one of the delicious exports that are irresistibly good! Coated in its signature Cadbury milk chocolate, this UK chocolate is entirely made up of decadent fudge chocolate — the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers! 

If you love a good traditional chocolate bar, this is something that will excite your senses, without making it too predictable. The Cadbury Fudge Bar comes shaped as a half moon bar and makes the snacking experience more enjoyable with its unique shape! Perfect for on the go, this candy bar is appropriate for any occasion and ultimately helps sweeten your day! Who wouldn’t want that?

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Made in the UK