Cadbury Flake UK - 32g

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Don’t Flake on the Cadbury Flake Bar

We all love a delicious classic milk chocolate, and Cadbury has been known to produce some pretty bomb chocolates, but the Cadbury Flake chocolate bar delights every inch of your taste buds! The Cadbury Flake Bar is a braided milk chocolate bar that has a flakey texture when you bite into it (hence the name). Each bite is an exhilarating experience for the senses, from the smooth milk chocolate flavor, to the flake bar breaking apart and effortlessly melting in your mouth. 

This UK candy is a must-try for anyone that is familiar with the quality of the Cadbury chocolate! Perfect to send your kid to school with, or a great treat on the go, the Flake Chocolate Bar is an instant mood booster on any occasion. 

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1.1oz (32g)

Made in the UK