Cadbury Mini Eggs Block (UK) - 110g

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Something egg-ceptional from Cadbury!

Spoil yourself with two treats in one! The Cadbury Mini Eggs Block is a can't-miss British chocolate!

This Cadbury Chocolate bar features the creamy addition of Cadbury chocolate and is filled with the delicious crunch of Cadbury Mini Eggs!
As you unwrap this chocolate, the aromatic scent of the Cadbury chocolate will sweetly lure you in. Every bite is filled with the colorful crunch of the Mini Eggs and that silky milk chocolate.
This British chocolate bar is rich and delectable; take one bite, and this will become your new favourite!
Cadbury has been treating us to its one-of-a-kind chocolate since 1894, offering countless varieties of its delicious chocolate! Nothing beats the old-fashioned taste of Cadbury!
Taste happiness with the Cadbury Mini Eggs Block!