Crunchie Bar - 44g

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Made by Cadbury!

Take home the gold and treat yourself to the winning taste of Crunchie Bar!

This impressive Cadbury chocolate bar boasts an over-the-top crunch. Deliciously delivering a middle-of-golden sponge toffee that is encased in a generous layer of Cadbury chocolate.
That famous crunch is apparent in each and every bite and pairs beautifully with that velvety and smooth texture of the rich-tasting chocolate. This chocolate bar from Canada will most definitely leave an impression. You'll be back for the golden-tasting crunch time and time again.
Introduced to us chocolate lovers in the 1960s, the Crunchie Bar has left its mark and remains "the golden child" in the sweet world of chocolate!
Experience a gold rush of taste and texture with the famous Crunchie Bar!