Bubblicious Gum Ultimate Original - 38g

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Bubblicious is very delicious.

Unleash your tastebuds and discover a world of flavor with Bubblicious Gum Ultimate Original!

Made to tantalize your bubblegum-loving taste buds. As you uncover its pink and chewy glory, a sweet burst of excitement won't be far behind!
As you unwrap this Bubblicious gum, the fun begins. Offering you a sweet scent of its juicy taste to come. With each and every chewy bite, the burst of bubblegum will take you back in time when you ingested large pink wads of it. Blew the biggest and best bubbles with your friends and rationed it to make sure you wouldn't run out. 
You traded it on the playground and stuck it under your desk. But most of all you became enamoured with its pink and juicy taste! 
Some things never change, especially for us bubble gum enthusiasts! Its classic taste is always packed with adventure and fun!
Bubblicious made its iconic debut in 1977. Chewed by millions, this bubblegum always promises a whirlwind of taste and, in every piece, the promise of big and bouncy bubbles!
Chew your way to the fun with the Bubblicious Gum - Ultimate Original!