Brach's Coffee Hard Caramel Candy

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Hard Candy from Brach's Candy

Got a craving for coffee? Nip it in the bud with Brach's Nips Coffee Hard Candy!

This is where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee becomes immersed with a sublime sweetness.
As you taste these hard candy gems, the robust coffee scent gives off the delicious aroma of deep-roasted coffee beans.
 Upon tasting this coffee candy, it perfectly mingles with a sweet and creamy taste. As it clangs against your teeth you'll take not off its buttery smooth texture. Bite through it as it becomes a sliver, and those fragrant notes of coffee offer a long-lasting and lingering flavor.
This Brach's Candy is perfect for an afternoon pick me up, a sweet escape, or because you're a certifiable coffee-drinking fanatic!
Discover your warm cuppa java in a candy! With Brach's Nips Coffee Hard Candy!