Brach's Funfetti Candy Canes - 12ct

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Candy Canes from Brach's Candy!

Celebrate with Brach's Funfetti Candy Canes! These festive candy canes are sweetly delicious. Offering you a break from the usual minty-flavoured candy cane.

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with these Funfetti flavored candy canes. Each candy cane comes with the mouthwatering taste of vanilla birthday cake. Adorned with colorful specs on each cane.
Christmas or not, celebrate the irresistible flavor! We know the big guy loves Brach's Candy. You better get yours before Santa Claus eats them all!
These fantastic Funfetti flavored canes are ideal for gift-giving, stocking stuffers or hanging on your beautiful Christmas tree!
Crunch your way through them or savour them slowly. Nothing says fun like Brach's Funfetti Candy Canes!
150g | 12CT