Brach's Candy Corn - 20oz

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Brach's Candy makes the best candy corn!

Leave a delicious impression on your taste buds with Brach's Candy Corn. This tri-coloured candy corn delivers big on taste and texture.

Made with real honey that melts in your mouth candy corn texture. Made for the ultimate lovers of candy corn.
Brach's Candy has created an irresistible and classic candy, treating generations with its warm vanilla notes and creamy fondant quality.
Perfect to usher in the Autumn season or because you just can't get enough of its polarizing flavor!
Brach's Candy created this candy icon in the 1920s. It quickly became a popular treat among trick-or-treaters and is often synonymous with Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Candy Corn fans would all agree that one season is simply not enough to indulge in its one-of-a-kind sensational flavor!
Celebrate being a classic candy enthusiast with Brach's Candy Corn!