Bottle Caps Candy - 1.77oz.

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Ridiculously Delicious Retro Candy!

Made in 1972 from the brilliant mind of Willy Wonka, the Bottle Caps candy is the perfect balance of sweet and tart! Shaped like fun bottle caps, these yummy candy treats come in 5 different soda flavors, including Cherry, Cola, Orange, Root Beer and Grape. There is no denying how delicious this treat is, with its retro status, it’s no wonder how this candy has stood the test of time! 

Bottle Caps are very easy to share with your friends and family (and will definitely make you a fav among your buddies!) These candies are also great to have on the go if you ever get hit with a sweet craving. This candy has been around for decades for a reason, they’re undeniably tasty and fun to have! 

1.77oz (50g) 

Made in the USA