Bonds Mint Humbugs (UK) - 120g

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These Mint Humbugs are from the UK.

Have a taste of a favourite old-fashioned candy with the Bonds Mint Humbugs!

This British Candy is classic mint candy. Offering a refreshing, minty sensation along with a hint of sweetness! 
These mint humbugs are made without artificial colors or flavors, offering an authentic-tasting candy you can feel good about eating!
Perfect as a pick-me-up throughout the day. Or place these in a crystal candy dish and share them with family and friends or with your clients at the office!
Bonds Candy has been creating the candy of our dreams since 1895. Available in various nostalgic candies, sure to hit the sweet spot every time!
Experience the deliciousness of Bonds with the rejuvenating taste of Bonds Mint Humbugs!