Bonds Liquorice Allsorts (UK) - 130g

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This licorice candy is a British tradition!

Experience all sorts of sweet deliciousness with Bonds Liquorice Allsorts! This British Candy is a classic taste of tradition!

This candy is made with an authentic black licorice flavor. Every bite is bold and robust, with a surprise taste of coconut and jelly candy in the mix.
This colorful ensemble of liquorice is soft and chewy with a slight candy crunch of nonpareils on some bits. An enticing English candy offering a variety of different licorice shapes and flavors.
This enticing blend of licorice candy is perfect for the ultimate lover of Licorice. Offering a traditional taste of the famous Licorice Allsorts candies!
Bonds has been creating its incredible candy since 1895. It's become a British tradition with countless varieties of memorable candies.
Make your day delicious with the Bonds Liquorice Allsorts!