Boba Vida Pink Lemonade - 3oz

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Tangy & Sweet Popping Boba

Experience the tangy zest and playful pop with Boba Vida Pink Lemonade. It fuses the refreshing taste of pink lemonade with the delightful burst of popping boba. 

This candy is a harmonious blend of citrusy goodness and the joyful texture of popping boba, creating a unique and delightful treat.

Savor the sweet and tart notes of pink lemonade as the popping boba adds a burst of flavor with every bite. 

Indulge in this burst of sweetness, and let the playful pop of boba elevate your candy experience to a whole new level. Enjoy the refreshing vibes of pink lemonade in every delicious chew!

3oz | Made in the USA