Boba Vida Mango Passionfruit - 3oz

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Popping Boba For Popping Tastebuds 

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with Boba Vida Mango Passionfruit. This fruity delight brings the irresistible fusion of mango boba and exotic passionfruit tea. 

This candy is a symphony of tropical notes, where each bite promises a burst of fruity goodness and the playful pop of boba. Savor the juicy sweetness of mango and the tangy allure of passionfruit tea, all enhanced by the delightful texture of popping boba. 

It's a tropical escape that transports your taste buds to sun-soaked orchards and breezy beaches. Let the delightful pop of boba take your candy experience to new heights!

3oz | Made in the USA