Bob Ross Happy Little Mints

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Mint Candy from Bob Ross

These mints are a sweet breath of fresh air, just like Bob Ross!

The Bob Ross Happy Little Mints are a masterpiece! Coming in a reusable candy tin that features none other than Bob Ross on the front.
As you open up this candy tin, the mint candy releases a burst of freshness. Kind of like Bob!
The tin is filled with happy tree-shaped mints, and fans of Bob Ross know he wouldn't have it any other way.
As you bite through these hard candy mints, you might feel as though you're watching a painting tutorial with Bob himself.
With every brushstroke, you'll experience a taste of those happy trees and minty meadows!
These mints are a convenient little candy. Small and compact, carry them in your purse, pocket or painting apron. Enjoy a few while you paint your latest landscape and reminisce about Bob!
Remember, like Bob says, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents!" We recommend you accidentally discover the revitalizing taste of Bob Ross Happy Little Mints!