Blue Raspberry Candy Fun Box

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This Candy Box will not leave you blue!

Makes for a great candy gift box!

Adventure into the wild blue yonder of Candyland with our Blue Rasberry Candy Fun Box.

This candy box is bursting at the seams with the thrilling and bold tastes of all-blue raspberry candy. And for those special few blue candy connoisseurs who don't mind the shade of beautiful blue on their tongues!
Our Candyologists have come to the conclusion that one of the best-loved and most popular candies is the tangy flavour of Blue Rasberry.
Experience blue like never before with this delicious candy box and taste the brilliant burst of blue. Makes a great candy gift box for any candy lover you know.
It's blue for the win! We say eat until you're blue in the face with the Blue Raspberry Candy Fun Box!

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